Properties of the carbon fiber reinforceed polyamide:
The carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide CF is a black filament with micro-carbon fibers and is characterized by the highest specific strength, the highest flexural strength and the highest tear length of all FFF thermoplastics. These properties make it possible to build strong, stable and lightweight tools and parts. It is possible to design rigid and dimensionally stable construction parts that are up to 2 times stiffer than e.g. ABS thermoplastics (plastics) are to be obtained. The parts achieve a high surface quality and heat tolerance. Metal components can also be replaced by polyamide CF.

“The new polyamide CF enables high-strength components to be printed on site, which reduces
 the produktion time 
 by up to 6 weeks. In addition, component costs 
 can be reduced by up to 90%. ”

Markus Kaltenbrunner, executive director EVO-tech
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Weight-optimized drone component
Areas of application:

This material is suitable for high-strength prototypes in industrial applications, as well as for final functional components in small series and special designs. This filament is also perfectly suitable for tools, devices, templates, assembly tools, assembly aids and production tools.

Advantages of the polyamide CF:

  • Light, stable, carbon fiber reinforced
  • Best relationship between strength and weight
  • Very good repeatability
  • Best mechanical properties among the FFF materials

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