Simplify 3D is a so-called "slicer" which, similar to milling, converts a CAM, CAD data into machine-readable code, so-called G-code. Here at EVO-tech we use the market leader Simplify 3D. Models can be easily imported and optimized. The software makes it possible to simulate the printing sequence before printing and thus to identify possible problems at an early stage. You can find instructions for operating Simplify 3D in our know-how area.

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Aktualisieren der Simplify3D Einstellung
Folgende Schritt sind durchzuführen um im Simplify3D die neuen Profile einzuspielen.

Schritt 1 – Löschen der alten FFF Profile:

  • In the Processes window click on Add / Add. If a process already exists, you can open it with a double click.
  • In the menu that opens, click on Remove or Remove.
  • A selection of possible profiles is displayed; here, mark all existing profiles from EVO-tech. Do not mark the personally created profiles.
  • Then confirm with OK and the profiles will be deleted.
  • Exit the process window with Cancel or Cancel.

Schritt 2 (Laden der neuen EVO-tech Profile):

  • In the File menu, select the Import FFF profile item.
  • When prompted, select the new files and confirm with OK.
  • When the profiles have been imported, Simplify3D shows the following message.
  • The new profiles can then be used in the processes.
Bitte achten Sie darauf, dass in alten Factory Dateien immer noch die alten Prozesse hinterlegt sind. Leider müssen die Factory-Dateien mit den neuen Profilen neu erstellt werden.