EVO-LIZER 3D-Druck befeuert die Automobilindustrie

The automotive industry is considered one of the driver industries of additive manufacturing. We at EVO-tech make this experience almost every day. The requirements of the industry are becoming more and more specific, and the demand for new technical specialty plastics is also increasing.

Additive manufacturing in the automotive industry

In fact, both manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive sector are recognizing the numerous advantages of additive manufacturing. Be it in-house rapid prototyping, with end components in small series or in rapid tooling, i.e. in efficient tool and fixture construction.

The main advantages

  • Leasing helps your liquidity
  • Conserves equity
  • Strengthens your credit rating
  • Service included
  • Guarantee included
  • Ensures absolute cost security

With the EVO-lizer, EVO-tech offers the automotive industry a highly innovative 3D printer that implements precisely these advantages in practice. Fast, inexpensive and of first class quality. On the basis of its intelligent and modular conception and our application-technical know-how, we adapt both the EVO-lizer and the filament qualities precisely to the respective requirements.

The 3D printers of the EL series offer new possibilities in the automotive industry

3D Drucker EL-40

Enables the creation of components up to 340 x 240 x 350 mm (W x D x H) with extremely low operating costs and an open system for filaments.

3D printer EL-102

Enables the simultaneous printing of several components and the processing of large amounts of material up to a size of 500 x 400 x 510 mm (W x D x H).

Extract from our customer list in the automotive sector