More knowledge for more productivity in professional 3D printing

Our experience shows that know-how is a highly effective productivity driver, especially in additive manufacturing. For this reason, we pass on our extensive knowledge to our customers through training courses. The central aspects of this specialist training include all success-relevant sub-areas of additive manufacturing with NEVO3D.

Training focuses

  • Creating added value in your company through 3D printing
  • Identify and implement use cases in the company
  • Basic knowledge of EVO-lizer hardware and software
  • Materials science (areas of application, technical properties and processing)
  • Manufacturing-friendly design

Choose between different training modules! 

Depending on the module, we offer you or your employees the opportunity to delve more or less deeply into the complex and lucrative world of additive manufacturing. You also enjoy freedom of choice with regard to the training location and the way in which knowledge is imparted. We train both at your location and at our company headquarters in Schörfling. We also offer online tutorials.

Module 1 (EVO-lizer starter)

3D Printing Starter is aimed at all new users of the NEVO3D 3D printers EL-28 and EL-102.


  • Duration 6 hours
  • Directly on site with our customers
  • 2-5 participants with CAD or CAM experience
  • Operating the EVO-lizer
  • CAM software training
  • Workflow: from the .stl file to the finished object
  • Service and maintenance activities
  • Short introduction to materials science
  • Possibilities and limitations of 3D printing in additive printing processes

Module 2 (3D Printing Advanced)

3D Printing Advanced is aimed at users who have already gained initial experience in using the NEVO3D 3D printers EL-11, EL-28 and EL-102. Of course, we respond individually to the specific requirements of the seminar participants. We are also happy to offer our training courses in English.


  • Duration 8 hours
  • Previous 3D printing knowledge required
  • Advanced maintenance activities
  • Speed and quality optimizations
  • Practical part: “Bring your best/worst case”
  • Complex design challenges for 3D printing

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