The company NEVO3D

NEVO3D GmbH was founded in 2024 as a successor to EVO-tech GmbH, founded by Markus Kaltenbrunner in 2013, and continues its success as the market leader for material-open industrial 3D printers in the DACH region. Our heart beats for development and production in Austria. This is only possible thanks to our long-standing, well-trained employees in the "high-wage country" - Austria, at a cost-covering level and guarantees our customers direct know-how transfer and short delivery times.  

Corporate philosophy

This is what we burn for!

Direct contact with our customers

We love direct contact with our customers and the new demands placed on us every day. Through this direct contact, we are always informed about the needs and requirements of our customers and have our finger on the pulse. That's why our machines are not available from any dealer in the DACH region but only from us as a manufacturer


Our employees are the backbone and innovation drivers of NEVO3D GmbH and ensure our long-term success. We offer a pleasant, self-responsible working environment through flextime arrangements, an optional 4-day week and training and development opportunities.

Production in Austria

We are passionate about production in the heart of Europe and the associated proximity to our customers. Especially in the 3D printing service area, this enables us to have the shortest delivery times and clarifications with our customers.

Research and Development

We always carry out research and development in very close coordination with our customers and their needs. We are particularly pleased that we can carry out current EU research projects with partners such as FACC, PCCL, TCKT, PROSE, F. LIST and Joanneum Research.

Management team

Kevin Griesmayr

+43 7662 384 00 -

Adolf Pohn

+43 7662 384

Markus Kaltenbrunner

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Company history

Founding of EVO-tech GmbH

Founding of EVO-tech GmbH by main shareholders Markus Kaltenbrunner, Michael Doppler and Josef Öhlinger

First delivery EL-11
Pegasus Award

Category “Innovative Young Entrepreneurs”

Market launch of EL-102
Opening of the branch in Germany
Market launch of EL-28
Market launch of EL-40 and EL-140
Bankruptcy of EVO-tech GmbH

You can find background information on the bankruptcy of EVO-tech GmbH here

New foundation of NEVO3D GmbH

Taking over the know-how carriers and supporting all customers. Adolf Pohn strengthens the management team as an investor and managing director.

Start of the 3D printing service

Establishment of the largest FDM/FFF 3D printing service in Austria with up to 30 machines

Presentation of PC-FR for the railway

Special solution for the railway industry according to the highest fire protection standard EN-45545-2 R1 / HL3 together with Kimya


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