The support material for your 3D printing application

 Complex geometries with overhangs and undercuts require support structures, those can either be broken out or chemically dissolved.
With our EVO-SUPP we offer a simple solution to remove the support material in an ultrasonic bath.
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“The support material SUPP enables more complex and small components to be manufactured in less time and at lower costs. The often so critical rework effort is significantly reduced. "

Markus Kaltenbrunner, executive Director EVO-tech

Since manual removal requires much more time and resources, the alkali-soluble support material SUPP enables significant time and cost savings. In the time saved, other value-adding activities can be carried out. Overall, this also reduces the time for the production of prototypes with complex geometries and the time-to-market is shortened. In addition, the support material is removed more cleanly by washing out than with manual unresting. Depending on the local regulations, the lye solution must then be disposed of either diluted or undiluted via the local sewage system. This is a significant advantage compared to orange or lime oil, which are used with other support materials when washing out and which are acidic or sometimes have a rather unpleasant odor.For these reasons, the solution and the components during the washing process are also more pleasant, less problematic and easier to use .

  • Facilitates the removal of filigree components with fine geometries
  • For complex components with overhangs and undercuts
  • Time and cost savings
  • Easy disposal

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