Ultem 9085 vs. KIMYA PC-FR

Ultem has been approved as a 3D printing material for the railway industry for many years according to the highest fire retardancy level R1/HL3, but it has always had a niche existence. The main reasons for this are the very high material and machine costs. With PC-FR from KIMYA and our machines, this has now changed and components are up to 75% cheaper.

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Advantages Ultem

Higher temperature resistance

Ultem's HDT is 153°C

Thinner components possible

Thinner, certified components are possible with Ultem than with PC-FR

Advantages of KIMYA PC-FR

75% lower material costs

One KG list price of just €125.33 net increases profitability enormously. We are happy to offer project prices for series projects!

Soluble support material

In contrast to Ultem, soluble support material can be used with PC-FR components. Which drastically reduces post-processing costs.

Significantly lower investment costs

PC-FR requires an interior temperature of only 100°C. Therefore, components can be printed on machines with investment costs <€30,000. Ultem machines often cost more than €150,000